Top stars get richer by the second

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I’ve been working on my taxes this week, or, rather, my accountant friend Gerry is working on them for me. Math is not my strong suit. It’s not like I’m rolling in the green. It’s just I surround myself with folks who are smarter at certain things than I am who make sure I don’t start creeping into the red.

A career involving country music has been a blessing to me, and I just talk about it on the radio and in the newspaper. Can you imagine what it would be like to actually be the artists we talk about?

Here’s a little perspective for you: Skyrange recently calculated the income of some of music’s biggest starts, down to what they earn per second. You read that right — Per. Second.

The granddaddy of them all is rap mogul Dr. Dre. After selling his Beats headphones franchise to Apple for $3 million last year, his salary came in at $620 million, or $19.66 per second. Per. Second. Skyrange says that’s the biggest single-year payout in the history of the music industry. Duh.

Leading the country music pack was Toby Keith. Not from the sale of red solo cups but from his music, the I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant chain, his own line of Mezcal and the fact that he is an extremely savvy businessman, Toby brought in $65 million last year. That means the man, named one of Forbes’ highest paid musicians in 2014, earned $2.06 per second. Per. Second. According to AllTopTens.com, a bullet travels 900 meters in the span of time Toby Keith has made just over two bucks.

Not far behind was Kenny Chesney, with $44 million in income, broken down to $1.40 per second. Per. Second. During that time, over 10,000 Coca-Colas have been consumed. No slouch is Jason Aldean. Last year he brought in $37 millon. Which is $1.17 per second or three Barbie dolls sold. Per. Second.

And everybody’s favorite Georgia boy, Luke Bryan, the reigning Country Music Assocation Entertainer of the Year, cha-chinged $34 million in 2014, thanks to his great smile, swivel hips and uber talent. Break that down to $1.08, or how many babies are born, per second. Which could be due to the number of times Luke’s hips swivel. Per. Second.