Dayton brewery pairs its beers with both food AND music for special dinners

The Dayton Beer Company is collaborating with local restaurants to host special dinners that pair its beers with both food AND musical genres for a full sensory experience.

The dinners are the brainchild of Patrick Thimons, sales director at Dayton Beer Company.

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Here’s how Thimons describes the events:

Scientists say that in order to create a truly nostalgic experience that you need to involve all five senses. In a traditional beer dinner four are already involved. Taste is obvious, right? Then we also have sight which is experienced through the ambiance that the restaurant creates as well as the aesthetics of each plate. Smell is next with the aroma of the food and the beer. Touch is less obvious but chefs put a lot of attention into the texture of our food and beer even has a mouth feel so that comes into play too. The only one left is sound and being the music lover that I am I saw an obvious fit for that, so we have been pairing music to actually go with each of the courses. We all remember that first song we danced to at our wedding or on the other side of it where we were and what song was on when something tragic happened. That's my whole goal. To help local chefs create an experience so special that these people go back in time when they hear these songs come on the radio."

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These special dinners have been set up so far:

  • March 5: Amber Rose with New Orleans Jazz
  • March 20: Carvers Steaks & Chops with The Beatles
  • March 25: Coco's Bistro with Motown music
  • March 26: The Crowne Plaza/View 162 with Frank Sinatra
  • April 25: Mudlick Taphouse with funk

Other dinners are in the works at Salar and the Dayton Club, Thimons said. An earlier event at Yellow Cab with food from the Greek Street Food Truck paired Grateful Dead songs with four courses, which were followed up by a live performance by a band that covers some Grateful Dead tunes in bluegrass fashion, the DBC sales director said.

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Times and prices vary; call the restaurants for details.

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