3 things to know after the vote on Kettering charter issues

Kettering charter issues
Kettering charter issues

Kettering residents voted in favor of independent group-led issues 31 through 35 Tuesday, defeating the city-proposed Issue 36 by a wide margin.

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Here are three things to know about how the election results will impact Ketteringresidents.

1. Issue 34 was one of the issues sponsored by Citizens for a Better Kettering. It requires information on the top 15 full-time highest grossing employees, the median 15 and the 15 lowest be mailed to registered voters. The measure would cost taxpayers “at least” $10,000 annually, according to Mayor Don Patterson.

2. Issue 32 gives any resident or taxpayer of the city the ability to seek legal action against the city. If the lawsuit is successful, the city will be responsible for any cost of litigation to the resident who filed the suit.

3. Issue 36 included changes that would have made the language in the charter more “gender-neutral.” It also included changes to the charter to reflect State law prohibiting certain city employees being required to live in Kettering. Since Issue 36 did not pass, those changes to the charter will not be made, according to Kettering’s law director.