VOICES: Reclaim, restore and reignite our culture

MOVES GLOBAL, which started as Moves Media in 2018, is a full-service entertainment management and media production company that creates high-quality content in the music, sports and film industries.

My beginnings started as an artist manager for a popular local group known as GTC (Grind Time Central) back in the mid 2000′s. Since then, I’ve launched a multi-purpose production space consisting of multiple studios for music, podcasting, photography and videography.

The most common complaint we hear from our clients is finding the time to chase their dreams. As kids, we are filled with endless hopes and dreams. But when you become an adult, those dreams often turn into distant memories as the reality of providing for ourselves and our families takes priority.

Our company seeks to restore the belief that those dreams of becoming a global superstar artist or actor can actually come true. Our onboarding process is designed to identify a client’s vision and also understand his or her current reality. We then build a strategic plan designed to balance everyday life while chasing your dreams of becoming a multi-platinum artist or award-winning actor.

Importantly, we are a Black-owned and operated media production company – which is very rare. According to Statista.com, only 10% of media companies are Black-owned. This has led to the exploitation of Black culture by people outside of our community and often drives negative agendas in the content of music and film released to the masses. As a Black-owned media production company, we now control the narrative with a mission to reclaim, restore and reignite our culture.

I feel we can better this city’s musical community by raising the taste level and reigniting the spark to potentially surpass the original Dayton funk music wave of nearly half a century ago. Our music division is run by younger relatives to some of the first Dayton funk groups, such as Roger Troutman’s Band, The Human Body, Sun, and Johnnie Wilder of Heatwave.

MOVES GLOBAL is a one-stop shop located in Centerville. Our clients have access to top-tier music and film production equipment. We have a graphic design team, creative team, project managers, music producers, film makers, and photographers. We are currently looking to add to our roster with aspiring actors, songwriters, film makers, producers, and content creators to join our new creative department.

What we’re doing is very difficult. The vision is to make MOVES GLOBAL just as big as Warner Bros. or Universal, a true Black entertainment industry leader in music and film. It’s a grand vision that requires sacrifice and belief.

The best advice for someone looking to start a production company is you first must invest in and and learn how to use the equipment — but that’s the easy part. You have to be relentless., you have to become comfortable being uncomfortable. You will be overwhelmed at first — and even feel lost at times — but you must push through.

Jason Lee is the owner of MOVES GLOBAL, an entertainment media production company that focuses on producing, distributing and marketing content for artists and creatives.

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