Dayton woman reborn with hair product for moms after pregnancy

“I was freaking out,” Dayton business owner said. “I didn’t understand the severity of it until it happened to me.”

Dionna Walker says she started losing her crown after her sixth child was born last year.

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“I never experienced hair loss. My hair was coming out in chunks,” the Dayton entrepreneur said. “It was to the point where I was just wearing wigs. I was so sad.”

Walker said she soon realized she was not alone and that temporary postpartum hair loss happens to a lot of women.

Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

Walker said she started experimenting with solutions to help her hair recover and came up with the roots of her newest venture.

Walker, her husband, Cordell Walker, and other family members recently launched Rebirth Hair Products, a line developed for mothers.

“Our hair is our crown. If we don’t have our crown we are sad,” she said.

As part of an article on hair loss following pregnancy on, New York-based dermatologist Sejal Shah, M.D. said a hormonal shift during pregnancy promotes hair growth.

"They're actually preventing you from shedding — you shed every day, everyone sheds every day, but if you really pay attention, typically during pregnancy you don't have that daily shedding. After pregnancy, once your hormones go back to normal, there's a drop in estrogen," she told the website.  "What that does is it sort of triggers that shedding to resume. But keep in mind: You've not been shedding for several months at this time. That hair that's been sticking to your head needs to come out."

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Walker said she did not experience hair loss with her first five children.

“I was freaking out,” she said. “I didn’t understand the severity of it until it happened to me.”

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Walker said she is spreading the word about the new line, which includes Juicy Paradise Moisture Conditioner, Juicy Paradise Moisture Shampoo and Pretty Beastly Hair and Edge Tamer, a product that says it will “shield against frizz, protects, conditions and implements shine.”

Products range from about $13 to $10 and have a list of ingredients that includes sunflower seed extract.

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Additional information can be found at

“We use all natural ingredient from the Earth,” Walker said. “My main goal is to reach woman who are going through hair loss.”

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Walker said new mothers are the target audience, but Rebirth Hair Products could help others as well.

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