60 healthier toaster oven recipes

Ah, the toaster oven: a perfect tool for making… toast? While these miniature ovens do produce perfectly toasted bread, they can do a whole lot more. A toaster oven is also more energy efficient than a regular oven and has the ability to brown and crispify foods in a way that a microwave cannot. From whole eggs still in their shells to pizza, fish, kebabs, and muffins — here's how to use your toaster oven for more than just sliced bread. 

What You’ll Need

Toaster ovens are, well, mini-ovens. And since they’re so mini, it’s impossible to shove a giant cookie sheet in there. (Don’t worry, we tried.) To make these recipes super easy, arm yourself with these toaster-oven friendly tools.

  • Small Cookie Sheet. An 8×11 inch cookie sheet fits most standard toaster ovens, but check your model's instruction manual for size guidelines. Don't want to head to the kitchen store? Tin foil always works in a pinch.
  • Six-Cup Muffin Tin. It's no surprise that a 12-cup muffin tin isn't toaster oven friendly, but some 6-cup tins won't either. Make sure to buy one that has less metal around the edges so it'll fit (check the packaging for dimensions).
  • Ramekins.  These little oven-safe cups are great for oatmeal bakes, baked eggs, or individual fruit crisps.
  • Bread Pan. A standard size loaf man is likely a bit too large for a toaster oven. Look for one that's no more than10x5 inches. (Or go with mini loaf pans!) one that's no more than10x5 inches. (Or go with mini loaf pans!)

Planning on becoming a toaster-cooking connoisseur? Invest in a toaster oven baking set! (This one includes a mini baking sheet, muffin tin, cooling rack, and cake pan.)

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