11 apply for vacant Springboro school board seat

Eleven residents have applied for appointment to fill the vacancy on the Springboro Board of Education created by the resignation of former board member Charles W. Anderson.

Anderson was elected to a new four-year term in November and the person who is selected to fill his seat will be appointed through Dec. 31, 2023. The appointed board member will then have to run for the remaining two years of Anderson’s unexpired term to remain on the school board in November 2023, when the next school board election is held.

District Spokesman Scott Marshall said all applicants will be interviewed by the current Board of Education. He said the selected candidate is expected to be sworn-in at the Aug. 24 board meeting.

All board members earn $125 per board meeting.

Six men and five woman have applied for the vacant school board seat:

Brian Retterer a software engineering manager and a community volunteer. He ran unsuccessfully for a school board seat last November.

Randall R. Bertram is the treasurer/CFO of Middletown City Schools, has lived in Springboro since October and was recently appointed to the district’s Budget & Finance Committee.

Robert Thomas Tyra is a land development manager with Forestar Real Estate Group

Cole Ronald Hetman is a recreation manager for Washington Twp.

Sarah Lynne Garrette is an Air Force financial manager at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Kara S. Hampton is a local optometrist at the Springboro Vision Center.

Elizabeth Ann Makras is a brand director for Procter & Gamble’s North America Personal Health Care.

Olga Katherine Verbitsky is a regional business manager for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. She ran unsuccessfully for a school board seat last fall.

Sarah E. Schleehauf is employed as an assessment, accountability, and gifted supervisor for the Huber Heights School District.

Michael T. Mills has more than 25 years of experience in business and technology related projects.

Bradley Jay Frost is the chief financial officer for George Steel Fabricating, Inc.

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