TODAY: Dayton schools resume in-person learning after nearly a year

For the first time in almost a year, Dayton Public Schools students return to their classrooms full time as the district resumes in-person learning today.

Parents and guardians of DPS students had the option to select in-person or remote education . About 75% of students will return to in-person learning with 25% staying completely online, according to the district.

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Students who remain with online learning will use a self-paced learning software, SchoolsPLP, and will have access to an online coach.

In the days leading up to the district’s return, police and community leaders urged drivers in the Dayton area to be cautious as school buses are out in the community again.

“We implore community members to exercise caution as they drive through Dayton,” said Richard Wright, chief of safety and security for DPS, said last month.. “Our students are excited to be back in the classroom, and we want to make sure the roads are as safe as possible for them.”

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Dayton Public’s return to in-person learning is just in time for Gov. Mike DeWine’s March 1 deadline. In January the governor announced that K-12 school staff would be eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine if districts committed to returning to in-person learning by March 1.

DPS staff who opted to receive the vaccine got their first and second doses last month. Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli previously said about 65% of staff signed up to be vaccinated.

Dayton schools went to remote learning last spring as the pandemic began, started the new school year in remote learning and then had a couple weeks of hybrid in-person classes in November before going back online.