Kroger taking next step to build new Marketplace in Miamisburg

Kroger is taking the next step in its venture to expand in a Dayton area community by replacing a more than 25-year-old storefront with a new Marketplace.

The company is requesting the rezoning of five properties totaling 21.67 acres and the approval of a preliminary development plan for development of a new Kroger at 155 N. Heincke Road.

That includes the current Kroger property, which measures 6.84 acres, according to City Planner Ryan Homsi.

Miamisburg City Council will vote tonight during its regularly scheduled meeting on a motion that would refer the item to the Planning Commission for a public hearing with the commission at a later date, which is tentatively planned for either May 17 or May 24, Homsi said.

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A concept site plan submitted for the proposed development of the North Heincke Road site in Miamisburg shows a 124,000-square-foot Kroger Marketplace and a fueling station. If approved, the store would be part of the “complete redevelopment” of the site.

The existing Kroger was constructed in 1995, according to Montgomery County Auditor’s Office records. Along with groceries, Marketplace stores typically provide items that range from prepared food to general merchandise including toys, clothing and home goods.

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