LIST: See what road projects ODOT is doing in your county in 2023

The Ohio Department of Transportation on Monday released details of their 2023 road construction projects. This is not the only roadwork that will happen locally in 2023, as many cities and counties have their own projects planned. But many of the ODOT efforts are among the largest in the region.

Greene County

* $40 million for constructing an interchange at the intersection of U.S. 35 and Valley/Trebein Road, west of Xenia. Project includes upgrading 1.28 miles of U.S. 35 to a limited-access facility, bridge construction, retaining wall construction, and upgrades to Valley and Trebein roads at the intersection.

* $12.6 million for resurfacing and complete pavement repairs on SR 72 in Greene County from about 0.26 miles north of the westbound U.S. 35 exit ramp to the Cedarville southern corporation limit near Turnbull Road.

* $4.9 million for resurfacing and pavement repairs on U.S. 35 from the interchange with Old U.S. 35 to the Fayette County line.

* $2.9 million for resurfacing and pavement repairs on state Route 72 from north of Turnbull Road to the Clark County line.

* $1 million for reconstruction of a multimodal path along Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, from East Enon Road to Stafford Street.

* $800,000 for construction of a sidewalk along the south side of Franklin Street in Bellbrook, from just west of Little Sugarcreek Road to the alley west of West Street.

Warren County

* $4.73 million for ongoing construction of an on-ramp from southbound Mason-Montgomery Road to southbound Interstate 71.

* $3.5 million for bridge rehabilitation projects on Irwin Simpson Road over I-71, on Waynesville Road over I-71, and on Stubbs Mill Road over I-71.

* $3.42 million for construction of a 10-foot-wide shared use path in Franklin. A bridge will be used for the bike path to cross Clear Creek just north of Hazelwood Park, and the bike path will cross under the I-75 bridge over Clear Creek.

* $3.3 million for bridge rehabilitation on state Route 73 over the Little Miami River at Waynesville and replacement of the bridge on state Route 73 over Corwin Nixon Road and the Little Miami Bike Path near the intersection with Corwin Road.

* $3 million for resurfacing state Route 48, between Loveland and the northern corporation limit of Maineville and from the northern corporation limit of Lebanon to state Route 73, as well as on state Route 122, between state Route 123 and state Route 48.

Miami County

* $6.3 million for West Main Street corridor improvements in Troy from west of Ridge Avenue intersection to Interstate 75 northbound ramps. Improvements include widening of the street to include at least one through lane in each direction, reconstruction of the sidewalk and curb lawn with safety upgrades to entrances to commercial properties between Dorset Road and I-75, upgrading the signal at Dorset Road, upsizing a watermain along a portion of West Main Street and improving the stormwater system along the corridor.

* $4.3 million for resurfacing and related work on I-75 from County Road 25A interchange in Piqua to just south of the rest areas. Including rest area parking lots in the northbound and southbound direction.

* $2.1 million for replacement of the existing inadequate pedestrian bikeway bridge with an ADA accessible bridge located in a more scenic location on the south side of Piqua.

* $1.9 million for removal and replacement of deficient structures on I-75 over Rush Creek (near the Piqua Country Club). Resurfacing and related work on I-75 between the Shelby County line and County Road 25A interchange. Remaining work involves resurfacing of I-75 north and south of the bridge replacement.

* $1.4 million for resurfacing of Troy-Urbana Road between Deweese Road and the Champaign County line.

* $1.2 million for resurfacing of East Main Street between Mulberry Street and state Route 202 in Troy.

* $880,000 for chip seal on state Route 185 between state Route 721 and Piqua.

* $590,000 for resurfacing and related work on state Route 55 from Lincoln Avenue to East Franklin Street in Troy.

Montgomery County

* $51.4 million for major rehabilitation of Interstate 75 by rebuilding with asphalt between state Route 741 and Dixie Drive interchanges.

* $38 million for major rehabilitation of I-75 pavement by rebuilding with asphalt between state Route 4 and Needmore Road interchanges.

* $10.3 million for reconfiguring the U.S. 35/Woodman Drive interchange into a tight urban diamond. Replacing bridge deck and installing sidewalk on Woodman Drive.

* $7.5 million for bridge deck replacement and other structural repairs on state Route 4 over Webster and Keowee streets.

* $3.25 million for resurfacing and installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm infrastructure and lighting on West Springfield Street. The roadway will be altered from four lanes to two lanes with a center left turn lane and bicycle facilities in Riverside.

* $2.75 million for reconstruction of Salem Avenue from Cornell Drive to Manhattan Drive including new street pavement, curb, sidewalk, streetlights, and drainage in Dayton.

* $1.73 million for ongoing installation of wrong way signs that use radar technology at various locations along I-75 between Needmore Road and Austin Boulevard.

* $1.68 million for installing traffic signals and pedestrian upgrades in Kettering.

* $1.41 million for resurfacing and related work on Union Boulevard between Englewood south corporation limit and U.S. 40 in Englewood.

* $1.32 million for resurfacing and related work on Wilmington Pike between Beaverton Drive and East Stroop Road in Kettering.

* $1.3 million for replacing a bridge on Huffman Road over Bear Creek for the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office.

* $1.2 million for resurfacing and related work on Free Pike from the Trotwood east corporation limit to Wolf Creek Pike in Trotwood.

* $1.2 million for resurfacing and related work on state Route 4 from state Route 725 to the Butler County line.

* $830,000 for resurfacing and related work on Spinning Road between Linden and Eastman avenues in Riverside.

* $791,000 for installation of left turn lanes at the intersection of state Route 48 and Nutt/Hibberd roads in Centerville.

* $535,000 for resurfacing and related work on state Route 741 between state Route 725 and Kingsridge Drive.

* $480,000 for replacing the bridge and related work on Olentangy Drive between Bayside and Barrett drives in Riverside.

* $278,000 for improvement of ADA compliance at the handicap stalls and ramps by removing select areas of brick pavement and replacing with concrete pavement at the Second Street Market parking lot.

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