Local vet wants to grow Whiskerman Grooming Company

A local, veteran-owned business known for its beard oils and other grooming products wants to double its revenue this year and has hopes of franchising the company.

John Matecki of Bellbrook owns and operates Whiskermen Grooming Company with his wife, Jennifer.

Now in their second year of business, the Mateckis can be found at Second Street Market and at other local events and festivals, with a signature array of beard oils, kits, bath bombs, soaps, lip balms and more. The homemade grooming products have a rotating and seasonal stock of scents, and Whiskermen also hosts beard contests throughout the year.

The Mateckis recently participated in a Disabled American Vets in Greater Cincinnati pitch competition for veteran business owners. The competition was part of a three-day Patriot Boot Camp that paired vets with mentors and business leaders. Whiskermen was one of 10 businesses that moved on to the second round before it was eliminated.

Matecki said the opportunity to learn from other veterans in business was invaluable.

“It’s a different dynamic. The way we talk, we use a lot of jargon. It’s like sitting around friends. Everyone had the same thought process: we’re not competing in the same space, but everyone was like ‘how can I help you?’” Matecki said.

Though Whiskermen didn’t make it to the final round, Matecki said he plans to take the lessons from other veterans, including powering up their social media and web presence, and continue to expand his business.

Whiskermen primarily sells its beard oils and other products online and at festivals and events in the Dayton area. This year, their goal is to double their revenue, Matecki said, and eventually extend franchise opportunities to other veterans.

“We don’t necessarily want to sell, we want to branch,” Matecki said. “Our long-term goal is to have Whiskermen in all 50 states.”

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