Apple AirPods Are Expensive. What Are Some Cheap Wireless Earbud Alternatives?

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What Are Some Cheap Alternatives to Apple AirPods?

Cassandra from New Hampshire asks: "Clark's talked about some AirPods or earphones that are wireless, and Apple's AirPods are not cheap. What are the earbuds Clark always talks about?"

Clark’s Take on Apple AirPod Alternatives

Clark says: "The ones I use are for people who spend a lot of time walking or running and want to hear if a vehicle is approaching."

“I used Trekz, and a lot of people think those of us who wear Trekz look like we’re something out of the Borg Collective from Star Trek, because they’re really odd-looking,” Clark says. “They bone-conduct instead of going in your ears.”

AirPods usually retail anywhere from $159 to $199 on Apple's website.

Clark says he’s found that Trekz tend to cost “on sale, $59 and up.” As always, Clark wants you to comparison shop before you buy.

Trekz are made by Aftershokz, a U.S. company that specializes in bone-conduction headphones and earphones. Trekz are now sold on the Aftershokz website under the name Airs, a company spokesperson tells Team Clark.

Aside from the manufacturer’s website, you can find Trekz for sale at various online retailers. Here are some sites and prices we found for one model of titanium AfterShokz Trekz.

If you're looking for more cheap earbuds or headphones, see the latest bargains on

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