2 rescued after boat breaks down on Great Miami River, drifts toward dam

Two men were rescued from the Great Miami River at Troy on Thursday afternoon when a boat they were working on broke down and began drifting toward a river dam.

Troy fire crews set up at the Miami Shores Golf Course, after they were dispatched to the river just after 6 p.m.

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Two men, who were not identified by name, were testing a boat when the transmission failed and they were not able to start it again. The boat began to drift toward the dam.

“Anytime you get into the dam there’s a lot of hydraulics,” Troy Fire Platoon Commander Donald Pemberton said. “You can get trapped” in the water near a dam.

The boat was tied off and stopped before reaching the dam, and fire crews were able to get the men out of the water with no injuries.

This is the second time in the five days that the Troy Fire Department has responded to a call for a water rescue. Pemberton said the elevated water is to blame. The Miami Valley has been hit with heavy rain the last several days.

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“Stay away from your local river, stick to your local pools if you want to swim,” Pemberton said. “The river is just too high and too dangerous to be around right now.”

In both incidents, the victims were not wearing life vests.

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