Be Your Own Change campaign kicks-off during Dayton Dragons game

This campaign will be held during the Dayton Dragons game at Fifth Third Field, located at 220 N. Patterson Blvd.. and Montgomery County staff and Dayton Regional Green volunteers will be on hand to distribute reusable water bottles (while supplies last) to fans as they leave the game.

The BYOC campaign is aimed at reducing consumer waste from single-use plastic items, and seeks to promote living a less disposable life by encouraging the use of reusable items such as mugs, bottles, and bags - and skipping the plastic straw, with the aim of cutting down on the amount of discarded take-away plastic.

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Each year, millions of residential and commercial waste are generated in the Dayton region. This public awareness campaign, launched by the Montgomery County Commissioners through the Dayton Regional Green Initiative and Montgomery County Environmental Services, aims to reduce consumer waste by encouraging simple, sustainable behaviors and encouraging citizens to follow those actions and turn them into sustainable habits. 

The current participating businesses include: La Gota Coffee, The Dayton Dragons, Lily’s Bistro, and more.

To learn more about how to bring your own awareness to the choices you make every day and how to join the list of local businesses that are participating in this campaign, visit