Car damaged when plane makes emergency landing on interstate near Orlando



A plane made an emergency landing near I-4 Thursday afternoon in Central Florida.

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A pilot was on his way to Orlando Executive Airport when he ran out of fuel in one tank, according to the plane's dispatch communications.

The plane then made the emergency landing around 5:30 p.m. near the on-ramp from Maitland Boulevard to I-4 West in Orange County. The plane struck a vehicle in the landing, but there were no injuries reported.

Drivers who witnessed the incident said they couldn't believe what they were seeing when they saw a plane in the middle of the on-ramp.

"I mean I-4 you think you see everything, but not planes," said one driver.

Police identified the pilot of the plane as Angel Garcia on Thursday evening, saying he had taken off from South Carolina.

"I can only imagine being a driver and seeing that in your rearview mirror coming toward you," driver Kyle Kelly said. "I don't even know how you would respond."

Police said it will be up to the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if the pilot will be penalized for the landing.

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