Cloudy, cool; heavy rains begin tonight as low pressure hits Hurricane Zeta air mass

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

After a chance of rain in the early morning hours, we will see a mostly cloudy and cool day, with a high near 59 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Once the sun goes down, calm conditions will continue until around midnight, when a low-pressure system will begin interacting with the north-moving tropical air mass from Hurricane Zeta, causing rain clouds to quickly spread across the area, the NWS said.

Overnight lows will be around 45 degrees.

The NWS said that there is still some uncertainty as to how far north the rain will reach and how much will fall. However, there is potential for 1-3 inches of rain, which could cause flooding. Areas further to the south and west are expected to see heavier rains.

Meanwhile, temperatures will be quite chilly, with highs only reaching up to 51 degrees during the day.

After night falls, the rain will begin to break up, with chances dropping quickly in the early hours of Friday morning, falling away almost entirely by sunrise.

Overnight, temperatures will be cold with lows around 38 degrees.

Friday, although we will start out with clouds, the NWS predicted these will largely break up in the morning for a mostly sunny day. Despite the sun, temperatures will stay low, with highs near 49 degrees.

Friday night we will continue to see clearer but cold weather. Patchy frost will develop in the early hours of Saturday as temperatures dip down to around 31 degrees.

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