Could Red Lion be Warren County’s next boom area?

Warren County has begun studying the extension of sewer service to Red Lion, a rural area south of Springboro.

County commissioners gave the green light for the in-house study earlier this week.

The Clearcreek Twp. trustees asked the county to look at sewering more than 600 undeveloped acres around Red Lion after approving a 150-acre subdivision on land northeast of the center of town.

Sewers would enable development of as many as four homes an acre.

The trustees envision the residential development as a catalyst for commercial development, perhaps a walkable community, at the intersection of Ohio 122, Ohio 123 and Ohio 741, at the center of town.

So far, most of land remains undeveloped farm fields, but a United Dairy Farmers gasoline station and convenience store opened recently on the corner.

“Is this an area where the commissioners wish to see growth in?” Chris Brausch, who heads the county’s water and sewer department asked the commissioners during a meeting on Tuesday.

The township asked for the study as the county moves toward conclusion of a planning process designed to map out the land uses in the area.

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“It seems to me inherently reasonable,” Commissioner Shannon Jones said.

Dave Young stopped Brausch during his presentation.

“I don’t even have to talk about it anymore. Yes, look at it,” Young said.

Commissioner Tom Grossmann was absent.

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Brausch said his staff was busy with other projects and declined to project a completion date for the study.

Read more about it this weekend.

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