Family members plead for any news of missing Miamisburg woman

Missing Miamisburg woman’s aunt: ‘It’s been a nightmare for our family’

On the last day of law enforcement’s three-day search in the Sugarcreek MetroPark for evidence of Coe’s disappearance, her aunt, Jody Eversole, spoke with this news organization. 

“Chelsey was such a sweet person, and I just don’t understand how this has happened and it’s just been a nightmare for our family. It really has,” Eversole said. 

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Authorities have reason to believe the park may have been one of the last places Coe, who was 25 at the time of her disappearance, was seen before she disappeared. Officers have not ruled out finding Coe alive, but they and her family can’t help but fear the worst, they said. 

So Eversole felt she had to be at the park as investigators wrapped up their search, she said. As previous searches in Miamisburg and now in Sugarcreek Twp. have gone on since May, the family has been on an emotional roller coaster.

“Oh, you do you get hopeful they’ll find something or maybe even find her and possibly she could be OK,” Eversole said. “But it’s hard because the reality of the situation — it’s hard to tell your heart what your mind probably already knows.”

Coe’s father died in February 2017, and she took it pretty hard, then disappeared a few months after that, Eversole said. 

“And I’m afraid it led her to terrible things,” the aunt said. “Chelsey was such a sweet, sweet person but when you get involved in certain situations you bring yourself around people that aren’t the greatest and situations that aren’t good for you and I’m afraid that may have been what happened.”

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The family say there are likely people who have information about Coe’s disappearance, and they are pleading with them to share the information with police. 

“I don’t know if people’s afraid they might get in trouble or what, but it’s very important to come forward and tell what you know,” Eversole said. “That could find her and take care of this, and if something has happened to her we would want to be able to put her to rest and for her to be at peace.”