Franklin company fined after 2 workers injured

The federal agency received two complaints this year about Burrows Paper Corp. after two workers were injured on the job in separate incidents.

The first complaint was made in February when one worker was struck by a trolley car and sustained leg injuries that resulted in hospitalization. Another complaint was filed be a worker to the federal agency in March after a woman’s finger was broken from being caught in the chain and sprockets of packaging equipment, according to a statement from OSHA.

“It is inexcusable that the company continued to expose workers to these hazards, many among the 10 most frequently cited by OSHA. A corporation, such as Burrows Paper, should be well-versed in the safety requirements for operating machinery in its plants,” Bill Wilkerson, OSHA’s area director for Cincinnati, said in a statement.

The company will institute more rigorous self-inspections as a result of the violations found, Rose Mihlay, the president and chief operating officer of Burrows Paper, said.

“We have identified a process that will allow us to ensure that we’re inspecting ourselves on a very regular and deliberate basis,” Mihlay said.

Burrows Paper has four paper mills throughout the U.S. and is headquartered in Little Falls, New York. Packaging operations are also scattered throughout the country, including the one in Franklin.

The Franklin operation is no stranger to OSHA violations and fines.

In fact, the most recent complaint lodged against the manufacturer occurred July 30.

A spokesman with OSHA was not able to disclose what the complaint was about — although it is related to safety concerns — and said the investigation into the complaint is ongoing.

The Franklin operation was also caught for a total of 8 violations in 2011 during a planned inspection from OSHA, according to the federal agency’s website.

Two of the violations the company was cited for most recently included repeat violations and four other ones for serious safety hazards, including lack of machine guarding as well as energy control procedures.

OSHA issues a violation when a company’s procedures or equipment pose a death or serious harm risk.