Franklin council approves raises for non-union city employees

Nearly a dozen Franklin city employees who are not represented by a collective bargaining agreement or other contract will see a pay raise in 2020.

City Council recently approved a 3 percent raise for non-exempt, non-unionized employees such as department heads, key supervisors and other administrative employees.

City Manager Sonny Lewis said the increase was the same as last year’s raise.

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“Whatever the unions received, the non-union employees would get the same amount,” Lewis said. “Years ago, non-union employees would not get as much of a raise or no raises. We’re just trying to be more consistent with all employees. It’s about being fair to everyone.”

The raises for employees represented by the Franklin Law Enforcement Association, the International Fire Fighters Association, Teamsters unions which represent the public service and clerical employees, and city manager are set by their current contracts.

As with the employees represented by collective bargaining contracts, the non-union employees will also pay 15 percent of their health care premium costs in 2020.

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