Golden Lamb offers special “harvest” menu

The Golden Lamb is hosting a special “Bounty of the American Harvest” menu for just two weeks, beginning Monday.

The menu includes a variety of special appetizers and entrees designed by the Golden Lamb’s head chef Ben Toney.

“The harvest bounty was a farming tradition for many years,” Toney said. “It was designed as a reason for people to come out before the holidays and celebrate the fruits of their labor for an entire year. It was all based around celebrating a good crop.”

Keeping in mind these traditions, Toney said he wanted to create a unique menu with different twist on a variety of American cuisine favorites.

“I’ve been working on the menu for a year,” Toney said. “I wanted to keep it simple but made with quality ingredients. Everything is all natural , free range animals and organic vegetables. I tried to use locally produced food whenever possible too.”

Just because its “simple” does not mean its standard fair. Some of the appetizers being offered in the “Bounty of the American Harvest” menu include charcuterie plate of duck prosciutto, venison and bison salami and garlic crostini; lamb sliders topped with tomato chutney and boursin cheese; and Texas wild-boar bacon-wrapped shrimp with buttermilk dipping sauce. For entrees, the Golden Lamb is offering Kansas free-range venison prepared in a Swiss steak style with boursin whipped potatoes, root vegetables and pan gravy; Wisconsin trout amadine with French beans, lemon-caper butter and herb-roasted redskin potatoes; and Pennsylvania lamb shepherd pie.

“I know people tend to shy away from exotic features, so I tried to think a little outside the box,” Toney said. “We’re presenting recognizable features with just a slight twist. Everybody loves sliders, but I made these out of lamb instead of the traditional beef. It’s just a little change and that makes it more palatable for people.”

The Golden Lamb’s traditional favorites, like its fried chicken with mashed potatoes will continue to be offered during the Harvest of the American Bounty’s two-week run.

“We’ve aimed to keep everything moderately priced,” Toney said. “The Golden Lamb is about a down-to-earth family style. We keep a grasp on what people want. When they come here, we want them to have a good time and good food.”

Toney has been the head chef at the Golden Lamb for the past year and a half. A graduate of Cincinnati State, Toney said his favorite part of the job is interacting with different people on a daily basis.

“As a chef, I get to share an important part of a person’s day with them,” Toney said. “It’s a joy to see the smiles on their faces when they like something I made. I love to cook and I love to mentor the people in the back too.”