How did Dayton-area charter schools do on the 2017-18 state report card?

The Ohio Department of Education released report cards for school districts in September 2018.

Below are grades for local charter and STEM schools.


• Local charter school grades low, but most test scores rise

• How did your district do on the 2017-18 state report card?

NOTE: Only four of these schools serve high school students, and therefore earn grades for graduation rates and "prepared for success." In graduation, the Dayton Regional STEM School (100% four-year grad rate) and DECA (97.8%) earned A's, Summit HS Dayton (60.0%) got a D and Horizon HS (75.6%) got an F. Summit's higher grade was because its five-year grad rate was much higher at 82.6%. In Prepared for Success, the STEM School got a C, and the other three received F's.


• Achievement: Grades schools primarily based on their state test scores. Performance index is weighted 75 percent, and "indicators met" is the other 25 percent. There are 23 state exams (indicators) plus three other indicators based on absenteeism, test retakes and gifted student performance.

• Progress: Judges whether students made one year's worth of academic growth from last school year. Based on what statewide percentile students and schools score in each year.

• Gap closing (AMOs): Reports whether each subgroup of students (by race, economics, disability, etc.) narrowed achievement gaps when compared with the student body as a whole.

• K-3 Literacy Improvement: Measures what percentage of struggling readers get back on track to proficiency by the third grade. Some schools with very few students scoring below grade level are not graded on this measure.

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