3 jailed, accused of kidnapping a man over a reported bad business deal

Azi, Dzhalil and Zakhadin Shakhbandarov | MONTGOMERY COUNTY JAIL

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Azi, Dzhalil and Zakhadin Shakhbandarov | MONTGOMERY COUNTY JAIL

Three men are in jail on charges accusing them of kidnapping, aggravated robbery and robbery of a man over what they said was a bad business deal.

The charges against Ali, Dzhalil and Zakhadin Shakhbandarov of Dayton are explained in a statement of facts and probable determination to issue an arrest warrant filed in Dayton  Municipal Court on Tuesday that was obtained by our media partners at WHIO.

According to the affidavit filed by Detective Rod Roberts:

Dayton police officers met with Fatih Aydogan, who told them he had been held against his will and assaulted at a location in the 12000 block of Stanley Avenue. The address is a 10,000 square foot, one-story warehouse, WHIO reported.

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Aydogan told police he received a text asking him to attend a meeting at the Stanley Avenue location with three Shakhbandarovs and a fourth Shakhbandarov, identified as Barysh. He indicated that he had previously conducted business with the Shakhbandarovs and had previously met at that location.

When he met with them this time, he told police that they accused him of selling them faulty glass products 10 months earlier, took his cell phone and would not let him leave. Aydogan reported that Zakhadin, Ali and Dzhalil roughed him up and Zakhadin produced a knife and threatened to cut out his tongue and cut off his genitals if Aydogan called the police.

Ayodgan said that they demanded money from him and asked if he had a debit card.

After an estimated hour and 20 minutes into the incident, an associate of the Shakhbandarovs arrived, Ayodgan said. Not long after the associate arrived, the Shakhbandarovs gave him his phone back and he was able to leave the location.

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The court filing obtained by WHIO said that Ayodgan was able to identify his attackers as the Shakhbandarovs. That, along with his statements were enough to convince a judge to sign arrest warrants for three of the four Shakhbandarov men.

There was no information in the affidavit about Barysh Shakhbandarov’s involvement, other than his being mentioned in text messages asking for a meeting at the Stanley Avenue location.

As of Wednesday evening, the Shakhbandarovs, 31-year-old Ali, of Ray Street, 23-year-old Dzhalil and 45-year-old Zakhadin, both of Tail Oaks Court, were booked in Montogmery County Jail.

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