Kansas parent finds pot, loaded gun at playground

Credit: Miguel Villagran

Credit: Miguel Villagran

A Kansas parent found a quart-sized jar of marijuana and a loaded gun while at a playground, WDAF reported.

Police in Merriam said the parent also found a scale and a telephone at the park on Memorial Day.

"I called it the marijuana dealer's starter kit," Merriam Police Capt. Troy Duvanel told WDAF. "You've got everything -- you've got your scale here for weighing out the product, cell phone for communicating with your clients, obviously your product, and your protection."

Police said the gun was a loaded 9mm Beretta, caked with dirt. The parent found all of the items while looking for her child's lost ball.

"It could have ended badly if a kid or someone had found it," Duvanel said.

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