Kettering’s School of Advertising Art wants student housing next door

(NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect correct information regarding the status of the student housing request.)

The School for Advertising Art wants to build residential apartment for student housing, but the idea is still pending with the school and the city of Kettering.

After a public hearing in April, council members unanimously approved an ordinance in May to rezone as an “Office” designation two properties. Council also declined to take action on a third parcel that could have been the site of student housing.

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The two approved properties − housing the SAA and Vectren on the corner − are both north of David Road. The “Office” zoning helps the SAA in its plan to offer four-year degrees, something its previous zoning did not allow.

The city council indicated that a decision on the remaining parcel, the city-owned fire station land, would be made at a later date, if SAA moves forward with the plan.

SAA President Jessica Barry told the city council that it is very important for students and their families to have housing that is controlled by the school for the students’ first year.

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She added that this would provide the safety and security that most colleges offer to their freshman students.

SAA is also undergoing a name change that will officially happen on Friday, as the school will now be known as the Modern College of Design.

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