Edgewood Schools to reopen Friday after E. coli sanitation

Edgewood Schools will reopen classes Friday after district officials closed the schools Thursday for cleaning following a report of an E. coli-infected student.

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School officials announced their decision today, saying the Butler County school system, which enrolls more than 3,800 students in five schools, has received approval to open by county health officials.

School sports events are also now on for Thursday evening, said school officials.

In a message sent to school families, teachers and staff, Edgewood officials said, “We have partnered with the Butler County General Health District on the situation involving the student who potentially tested positive for E. coli.”

“The Butler County General Health District has confirmed there have been no additional cases of E. coli reported at this time. However, in order to be proactive we have taken precautions and thoroughly cleaned all our school.

“With this confirmation, all athletic events will take place (Thursday) evening as planned. Likewise, all Edgewood schools and offices will reopen on Friday.”

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Pam Pratt, spokeswoman for Edgewood, said that “we disinfected all the common areas in our buildings” and sanitized all other areas such as bathrooms and school kitchens.

“We did all the work and they (health inspectors) came on to our properties to do their inspections,” Pratt said.

“Fortunately this is a very quick turnaround and there are no other reported cases of E. coli. The Health District recommends diligent hand washing as the best method for controlling the spread of most diseases.”

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