Payroll Project: Oakwood’s highest-paid employees

Local governments make payroll with your money. That's why the I-Team is using Ohio public records laws to assemble and analyze payroll data for governments across our region.

According to those records, the city of Oakwood had 28 employees earn more than six figures in 2015, compared to 19 in 2014.

Here are the five-highest paid city of Oakwood employees in 2015:

1. City Manager Norbert S. Klopsch — $157,353

2. Public Safety Lt. Keith S. Benson — $125,219

3. Assistant City Manager Jay A. Weiskircher — $124,514

4. Police Safety Lt. James V. Tovinitti — $121,022

5. Police Safety Lt. Charles A. Balaj — $117,778

Last year, the I-Team performed an exhaustive analysis of local payroll and created a searchable database of 2014 pay for governments across the Dayton region, including all employees who made more than $50,000 in gross pay.

Go here for a growing database — currently containing 177,215 names and salaries — of government employees who made more than $50,000 in gross compensation last year and in 2014.