Beavercreek HS principal on leave following race conversation with student

Beavercreek school officials will meet Monday with their high school principal to discuss a conversation he had with a student that led to him being put on paid administrative leave.

The Dayton Daily News has obtained George Caras’ personnel file from Beavercreek City Schools, which contains the letter notifying the principal of his change in status.

The letter states that Caras self-reported an interaction he had with a high school student in which Caras “used an inappropriate word.”

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The conversation led to a “complaint regarding possible educator misconduct,” and because of the “serious nature of this action,” Caras was put on leave “during the investigation into this matter,” according to the letter.

Caras, who has previously served as principal in three other Dayton area districts, was advised not to be on school property and to turn over keys, key cards any other district property.

In an attempt to address rumors in the community, Caras’ wife Jayne Sachs posted a long comment on the Dayton Daily News Facebook page about what the investigation is about.

According to Sachs, the investigation is about a discussion her husband had with a female student regarding race and culture that led to a discussion of the connotative changes of the “N word.”

“It was a benign discussion, but the student got offended when George, in his conversation of how the word has changed said the more urban version used today,” Sachs’ comment reads. “It wasn't to the student, or about the student, or anyone else ... it was about the term itself and was said once within the discussion on how the word has changed over time.”

Caras apologized “knowing that she was offended,” Sachs wrote, and later called the student’s parents and then informed the superintendent of the interaction.

The Beavercreek investigation has led to inquiries about a party last May that was held at the Caras home in Trotwood.

Sachs said in her social media comment that the party was for their college-age daughter and her friends, and that the party was broken up by her husband and police were called to assist after “strangers showed up bringing alcohol and weed.”

According to the Trotwood police report, Caras shut down the party and vehicles that were blocking the roadway were removed.

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Caras is scheduled to attend a “fact-finding meeting” on Monday at the district’s central office regarding the conversation he had with the student. The meeting could result in “disciplinary action, up to and including termination,” according to the district’s records.

It will not be the first fact-finding meeting that Caras has attended since getting the BHS principal’s job before the 2017-18 school year.

Caras’ was issued a “written warning” based on his actions during one of the first staffing meetings he held at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, according to the records.

During the meeting, Caras announced staffing changes were being implemented to improve the atmosphere in the Instructional Media Center, in which Lisa Rupp, the new district librarian, would be working out of the central office while two other staff members would work in the IMC, according to the records.

The staff members reaction to the announcement caused Caras to “suppress a smile” and say “Come on guys ... I’m trying really hard here,” according to a summary of Caras’ recollection of what happened.

“In his words, he felt that he got trapped in front of the staff and reacted in a way that was not appropriate,” according to a summary of the investigation from Assistant Superintendent Jason Enix.

Beavercreek Superintendent Paul Otten’s written warning to Caras tells the principal he’s expected to “demonstrate respect and integrity when interacting with others.”

The Dayton Daily News previously reported about reprimands Caras received in 2013 from the Northmont superintendent while he was the Northmont High School principal.

The superintendent put Caras on notice that he was “on thin ice” with the district because of alleged inappropriate comments and alleged mishandling of student and personnel matters.

Records show Caras took a pay cut after leaving the Northmont district for Beavercreek in 2017. Caras was hired by Beavercreek at an annual salary of $118,402 and he left Northmont earning $132,000 annually, according to the records.


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