Crowd gathers at Bellbrook schools meeting over levy

It was a standing-room only Thursday night in Bellbrook at a Board of Education Meeting as discussions continued on a school levy.

“I think emotions have run a little off the rails,” said realtor Greg Blatt Thursday night.

The replacement levy, if passed, would cost property owners an additional $211 annually per $100,000 appraised value of property, the Greene County Auditor’s Office said.

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“I’m all for good schools” Blatt said. “I think it’s important. But there comes a time when funding schools needs some fiscal responsibility.”

Others voiced their support of the levy.

“If we don’t follow through on this levy, the school district is going to slide,” said Aaron Fromm, a history teacher who also has children in the district.

The levy will appear on the May 7 primary ballot.

Superintendent Doug Cozad has said the district was already able to trim approximately $500,000 from the budget this past summer and had hoped to avoid going to voters to ask for additional funds.

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