Director of rehab center speaks out about recent alcohol-related arrests

For the first time, the director of New Horizons Therapeutic Services, a drug and alcohol rehab center in Montgomery County, talks about his recent alcohol-related arrests.

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Terry Hill Jr. was accused of being drunk behind the wheel twice in the last year.

News Center 7's Molly Koweek sat down today with Hill, who said he's been clean for four months.

Clients at New Horizons on North Main Street said Hill is better equipped to assist them, because of his own struggles with alcohol.

Police body camera video shows Hill’s second arrest for physical control in about six months. Physical control means he was behind the wheel after drinking, but not driving, a car.

“Our intentions and our motives for that January physical control was not to drive,” Hill said.

Hill was arrested for the same thing back in July.

“I acted irresponsibly. Period,” he said.

Hill said he struggles with alcoholism, but has been sober since his January arrest.

“We apologize. We believe that we acted grossly irresponsibly, or irresponsible, and one drink is too many and so it’s never OK,” he said.

Hill’s clients said his battle with addiction helps them fight their own.

“I think with that knowledge you know more about the struggle, the pain, the addiction process. So that being said, I think no one knows better than someone that’s actually been there,” said Christopher Todd Davidson, New Horizons client.

“Me being responsible for the day-to-day activities and the drug and alcohol program, I think I’m very effective,” Hill said.

He said since the first story aired earlier this month, that he stepped away from day-to-day management at New Horizons to allow the group to refocus.

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