Greene County health inspections

The following are summaries of state of Ohio standard inspection reports on file from the Greene County Combined Health District, from Sept. 12-16. District information is available online at

Abbey’s Donuts

344 W. Garland Ave., Fairborn

Date of inspection: Sept. 12

Violations: Observed hole in wall behind door of womens restroom. Informed PIC to repair as a smooth easy cleanable surface.

Observed a set of lights out in the hallway by bathrooms. Found 3 sets of lights above with bulbs out above wash sink. Handwashing sink found detaching from the wall and caulk seal is damaged. Informed PIC to replace all damaged lights and to resecure hand sink to wall.

Cold water was observed to be non-working. PIC corrected by turning valve.

Found damaged mixing bowl. PIC was informed to remove unnecessary items.

Observed fan in kitchen to be dusty and covered in debris. Informed PIC to clean regularly.

Observed mens restroom to be out of toilet paper. Informed PIC to correct.

Observed womens restroom light to be 10 foot candles. Informed PIC to increase the amount of light in womens restroom.

Observed cardboard on floors in kitchen and in front of washing sink. Informed PIC to correct.

Comments: No critical violations were found today. Just general maintenance and cleaning.

Taco Bell

360 N. Broad St., Fairborn

Date of inspection: Sept. 13

Violations: Found dust in womens restroom on ceiling, debris under front counter cup dispenser, debris under frozen drink dispenser, debris under most storage shelves, and dusty vent above paper items storage. Correcting.

Found diced tomatoes in walk-in to not date marked. Corrected.

Found clear lexan pans with cracks and cracked lexan lid. Discarded.

Found heat cabinet 1 to be missing its locking handle. Corrected.

Pizza Hut

428 N. Broad St., Fairborn

Date of inspection: Sept. 15

Violations: Found damaged ceiling around prep table, ceiling around pizza cut table, broken vent grate in front of retarder, hole in wall above handsoap, 3 compartment sink seal to wall is damaged, prep sink seal to wall is damaged, lights out in dining area, and lights out in walk-in.

Found debris and dust under shelves in shed, floor in walk-in cooler under shelving, floor area behind retarder, fan in the walk-in, and gas pipe behind pizza oven.

Found debris on shelving in walk-in cooler, retarder, and the top of pizza oven.

Found unlabeled shakers and sauces above pizza make table.

Found cooling unit 1 to be holding at 49F. PIC will call for repair.

Found several plastic lexan containers wet nesting on shelf. Corrected.

Found light intensity to be reading less than 20 foot candles in mens restroom.

Found several food storage containers food side up. Corrected.