Military veteran hopes VA health care, however delivered, is there for him

Pat Penny, a Navy veteran, has heard from his friends who have been to the V.A. for medical care have had bad experiences.

He said he hasn't seen the long waits that some at V.A. medical centers nationwide have experienced.

The wait time is one of the linchpin issues driving the multi-billion dollar revamp of the veterans health care system, which would make it easier for veterans to take their benefits to private physicians for care.

President Trump has said he wants to sign the comprehensive bill and could do so Friday.

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Penny, a Piqua resident and part of the American Legion Post 184, said he believes the revamp of the program would open doors for older veterans so they wouldn't have to travel so far for health care.

The bill helps fund the Veterans Choice Program, funded at roughly $50 billion to $55 billion over five years. Veterans organizations support the measure.

Labor groups, have led the opposition. They argue that the choice program will allow outsourcing of critical VA department services and not address staffing shortages in the department.

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