New fitness, yoga studio opens in Oregon District

Fitness enthusiasts have another gym option for sweating it out in Dayton.

Present Tense Fitness, a new personal training and private yoga studio, opened in the Oregon District. The fitness club opened at 222 E 6th St. in June.

Co-owner Jason Harrison said they initially intended on opening their space at 133 E Third St.

“Originally we were going to open there, but we needed to be able to open more quickly than we would have been able to there so we explored our current space,” he said.

Harrison said he brought his existing roster of clients to the location. Before he was training a various locations in the Miami Valley area, but didn’t have a set place for their business.

“We want to find people who are sitting on the sidelines of fitness or yoga, teach them in a private, personalized and empathetic way,” Harrison said.

Personal training packages are $600 for 10 sessions or $700 for 10 sessions if people train with a friend. Yoga packages are priced the same. Included in that price for every strength training or yoga client is “lifestyle” coaching, in which we help people navigate things like nutrition and stress, Harrison said.

Present Tense also offers lifestyle coaching seperately for between $50 and $75 per month, he said.

“Our clients receive deeply personalized services because we want to help people build a lifelong foundation for wellness,” Harrison said. “Our sincere hope is that we can create new demand for fitness and yoga at our studio and then have our clients go on to join one of the many great facilities for strength and yoga in the Dayton area.”

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