Northmont teen selected to serve on state board

Sierra Caskey wants to use her role as a member of the Ohio Attorney General’s Teen Ambassador Board to have an impact on the community.

Among the Northmont High School junior’s first projects was a recent presentation to the district’s board of education about a growing topic, the dangers of social media and teens. Caskey said she focused on the app YUBO in the presentation requested by the district superintendent.

Her comments were based on her research and presentation for government officials, law enforcement, social workers and others at a sexual assault response team conference where four teen ambassadors talked about dangerous apps that could put teens in volatile and dangerous situations.

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“I originally planned on doing Tinder. While researching Tinder, I came across YUBO, which possess many more dangers to teenagers that I believed needed discussed,” Caskey said.

Among topics she included were dangers of self-reporting, inappropriate behaviors, commitment problems for the future, stalking and sex trafficking.

“I included tips on how to keep yourself online safe such as: denying location requests, refraining from wearing schools’ clothing in pictures, refusing to give out personal information, when to block someone, be open-minded to slang and how to prove if someone is real,” she said.

Caskey said her participation in the teen ambassador board was sparked by a growing interest in politics.

“I was intrigued by the monumental impact legislation could have on my school and community,” she said.

Caskey talked several times with Cory Caudill, high school library media specialist, about her interest in government. He introduced her to the teen ambassador board.

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She was selected after writing an essay application and receiving Caudill’s recommendation.

“We address some of the issues facing our state and develop solutions to improve the lives of Ohioans. I’m a member because it gives me a platform to state my opinions and elevate issues that are important to my community,” Caskey said of the board. “I thought this would also serve as an opportunity to network and interact with government employees, preparing me for my future.”

Caskey said that at this point she intends to attend the University of Dayton to major in civil engineering and minor in environmental engineering and political science.

The Teen Ambassador Board program is open to high school juniors and seniors who serve for one year. Caskey is the daughter of Mike Caskey, owner of Pro-Tech Custom Concrete, and Traci Ratcliff, a nurse at Miami Valley Hospital.

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