Oregon District Shooting: Burial services held this morning for Saeed Saleh

The burial services for one of nine people killed in the mass shooting in the Oregon District is taking place Saturday morning in Dayton.

Saeed Saleh was a recent Eritrean immigrant, who moved to the United States from Malta with his wife Zaid and his daughter Randa.  The family first moved to Richmond, Va., before moving to Dayton. They arrived in the United States in 2017.

Saleh was known as a hard worker and was a devoted husband, who was the sole supporter of his wife and daughter, according to his obituary.

“In addition, he was supporting his two children in Eritrea, and his older brother Edris, currently in Cairo, Egypt, in a United Nations refugee center,” the obituary read.

The family wanted to thank Monnie Bush, founder and CEO of Victory Project in Dayton, for covering the cost of the funeral expenses.

“Mr. Bush was like a God-sent angel,” the obituary read.

Saleh is survived by his wife, daughter, two other children ages 8 and 14, his father and brother.

“Saeed will be greatly missed by his family, friends and countrymen.  The manner of his death and all those people killed with him have shocked us all,” the obituary read.  “We ask God in our prayers to rest his soul in peace, and for the rest of the victims of the mass killings.”

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