Wilmington Pike construction crews make big discovery

A sizable underground storage tank found on Wilmington Pike could take weeks to remove and could halt the completion of sidewalk improvements to the stretch of road between Marshall and Stroop roads.

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Assistant City Manager Steve Bergstresser said the tank, about 6 feet in diameter and 14 to 20 feet long, was discovered at 3917 Wilmington Pike during the city’s streetscape improvements project.

“When digging for the new sidewalks, they discovered an underground storage tank that’s pretty shallow,” Bergstresser said. “So obviously we need to get that removed prior to any sidewalk construction.”

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The contents of the container are unknown, though Bergstresser said it is likely related to the former gas station that was at the site.

Bergstresser said the city has hired a contractor through the recommendation of BUSTR—Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations—which would safely remove the tank and its contents. The removal could take up to four weeks and cost about $32,000.

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While the tank removal could last nearly a month, it’s not expected to impact the rest of the streetscape project too much, Bergstresser said.

“It shouldn’t put too much of a delay on the project,” he said. “It’s a long project so they have plenty of other areas to work.”

Removal of the tank could begin as early as next week.

The Wilmington Pike Improvement Plan is a $10 million, grant-funded project aimed at improving the city’s infrastructure along that stretch of roadway.

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