Wind-damaged Young’s Jersey Dairy cow is on the mend

UPDATE: The latest update on April 7 shows that “Jersey” has graduated from a walker to a treadmill as she continues her rehab. See photo

"Jersey," the dairy cow statue that was blown off a sign outside Young's Jersey Dairy north of Yellow Springs last weekend, is "up and mooooooooving around" following "surgery," the clever folks at Young's announced today on their Facebook page.

“Since her accident, her herd’s milk production has declined, (but) a quick visit to them by Jersey reassures them she is doing well and on the mend,” the dairy’s owners wrote. “Some time in rehab and support by her herd and fans will assure a full recovery.”

And in fact, a video accompanying the condition update does indeed show the dairy herd curiously checking out their recuperating namesake.

Jersey had been on the sign for 40 years until Saturday’s strong winds knocked her off her pedestal, leaving behind only her left rear hoof.

The statue’s condition update posted this afternoon on the dairy restaurant’s Facebook page was “liked” by more than 2,000 Facebook users and shared by hundreds within the first few hours.

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