Yellow Springs police release photos of white supremacist fliers

Police in Yellow Springs have released photos of the white supremacist fliers and vandalism that showed up in and around Antioch College last week. 

The release follows a formal records request by this news organization after police initially refused to release photos of the white supremacist fliers. 

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According to the full police report, five stop signs and one speed limit sign were defaced, and one stop sign had to be replaced at an estimated cost of $100.


The fliers that were posted in and around Antioch College Aug. 27-28 are advertisements for two known white-supremacist groups: Evropa and American Vanguard

Fliers that were affixed to the signs were advertisements for two different white supremacist groups: Evropa and American Vanguard, according to the report. 

Signs that were defaced were at various intersections along Livermore Street, Limestone Street and Corry Street, according to the report. 

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Police have said no group has claimed responsibility for distributing the racist fliers, however, John Addy, state commander of the Ohio Minutemen, felt compelled to reach out to Antioch College to dispel any rumors that his group had anything to do with it. 

Addy said his group did not post the fliers, and they do not engage in that sort of activity. He said other groups have popped up around the state, and they are using the Minutemen name. 

"If we see any type of white supremacy stuff going on, those members are removed," said Addy, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. "We don't tolerate racism. We have all nationalities." 

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About 24 hours after the white supremacist fliers were discovered in the village, anti-racism and anti-fascism messages and fliers showed up on stop signs and on the side of buildings in the village, according to the report. 

One officer on patrol found the first anti-racist flier on a stop sign at Short Street and Xenia Avenue. That officer canvassed the area and subsequently found and removed approximately 32 anti-racist/anti-fascist fliers, according to the report.

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In the days that followed, police stepped up patrols in and around Antioch College and there have been no further reports of the criminal mischief.

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