Miami County’s highest-paid employees in 2018: Payroll Project

Editor’s note: The Dayton Daily News is gathering payroll data for local governments across our region, as well as state government and higher education, as part of our Payroll Project. You can search Payroll Project data here. We are gathering payroll data for 2018 and will add it to the database as it is collected. If you have a suggestion for our Payroll Project, email Dayton Daily News reporter Josh Sweigart at


Twelve Miami County employees were paid over $100,000 in 2018, up from the nine county employees who passed that benchmark in 2017, according to the Dayton Daily News Payroll Project searchable database of public employees.

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Magistrate Gary Zuhl was the highest-paid county employee after receiving his retirement payout. Zuhl received over a $47,000 increase in gross compensation from 2017 to 2018, taking in $165,602 in 2018. Zuhl ranked as the fifth highest-paid county employee in 2017.

Dayton Daily News investigation in 2017 found the ability to cash out unused sick and vacation leave is a rare perk in the private sector, though local governments are on the hook for tens of millions of dollars worth of these payments.

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Paul Huelskamp —2017’s highest-paid county employee— was elected as county engineer and was also paid by the county as a sanitary engineer. His annual gross compensation was $140,960 in both 2017 and 2018.

Local governments make payroll with your money, which is why the Dayton Daily News has assembled and made available a searchable database of pay for public employees.

Miami County’s 10 highest-paid employees in 2018 were: 

1. Gary Zuhl, magistrate: $165,602

2. Paul Huelskamp, county engineer: $140,960

3. Anthony Kendell, prosecutor: $133,941

4. Mark McDaniel, executive director of the Tri County Board: $126,322

5. Brian Green, Riverside superintendent: $113,936

6. Scott Altenburger, magistrate: $110,851

7. Dennis Propes, health commissioner: $106,458

8. Steven Layman, public defender: $105,909

9. Terri Becker, chief financial officer of the Tri County Board: $103,902

10. J Myers, executive director of the parks district: $102,835

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