2,000 churchgoers skip Sunday service to do service projects for schools

A pastor in Kentucky has decided to get the congregation out of the pews and out into the community and he canceled the church service to make it happen.

But it was to help not only spread the word of God but also serve some of the youngest members of Louisville, WAVE reported.

It's called Love the Ville School Blitz. And instead of praying inside the confines of the Northeast Christian Church, the 2,000 members of the church spent Sunday morning helping 32 schools in the area, according to WAVE.

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They cleaned the grounds, did some painting and did some landscaping work.

One member and his son worked at an elementary school on the simple task of pulling weeds.

"The world is such a dark place, and just trying to love on everybody and try to give back as much as we can," Chad Ringo told WAVE. "As (his son Wyatt) grows up, I hope he sees what we do means something and it means something to the world."

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Money donated to the church was used to buy the supplies needed for the day of giving back to the schools, WAVE reported.

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