2020 Super Bowl: What happens to all the pre-printed gear of losing team

The winners of the Super Bowl quickly change into championship gear, but what happens to all of the shirts and hats that are pre-printed with champions but left in the losing team’s locker room?

Not only is each locker room stocked for either team’s moment in the winner’s circle, so are the stores in the team’s hometowns.

The NFL has teamed up over the past six years with Good360 which funnels items from companies that are no longer needed and gets them to nonprofits around the world, The Associated Press reported.

Good360 has already collected shirts, sweatshirts and hats from the AFC and NFC losers, adding either Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers clothing to the piles after the Super Bowl Sunday night, according to the AP.

Then the clothing will be packed up and shipped to pre-approved locations to people who are in desperate need in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or the Middle East, the AP reported.

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