Arizona woman puts mousetrap in yard to deter dog owners who don't pick up after pets

An Arizona woman said she is tired of pet owners not picking up after their dogs, so she is retaliating by installing a mousetrap in her front yard.

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Peggy Hogan and her husband have lived in Ahwatukee for about a year. She told KNXV she is tired of picking up after inconsiderate pet owners.

"It needs to stop. We are tired of it, we get cigarette butts thrown in our yard and the dogs ... can I say 'crap'?" Hogan told the television station. "I guess they are too damn lazy to pick up after their dog."

When signs in her yard did not work, Hogan and her husband placed a mousetrap in the yard.

One neighbor saw that trap and thought Hogan was having a rodent problem.

"I was walking, and in the corner of my eye, something was different with the dirt, so then I actually stopped my dog because they do wander on the yard, and I saw it was a trap," Kevin Naegele told KNXV.

Hogan said dogs are technically trespassing on her property, so she has no qualms about trying to discourage them -- even with a drastic measure such as a mousetrap

" ... If a dog steps on that and breaks their foot, try and sue me. I've got two brothers that are lawyers," Hogan told the television station.

Naegele agrees with his neighbor.

"You need to pick up after your dogs. It's not your property; you wouldn't like it if a neighbor came and did that to you," Naegele told KNXV.

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