Arizona woman searching for owner of memorial necklace that contained someone’s ashes

An Arizona woman is hoping to find the owner of a piece of jewelry that contains the ashes of someone’s son.

Kim Stewart, who works at a grocery store in San Tan Valley, said she found a black satchel in the store's lost-and-found collection, KNXV reported.

When the item went unclaimed, Stewart took the satchel to Goodwill, the television station reported. While she normally just drops items off, Stewart said she felt compelled to look inside the satchel.

"I don't know why it possessed me," Stewart told KNXV.

Stewart found a knotted bag and took it home. Inside it, she found a silver necklace and two charms, the television station reported.

Stewart said that along with a small canister of ashes there were charms said “son” and “I still need you close to me."

"I didn't want to leave it," Stewart told KNXV "I'm a mom … I would be devastated."

Stewart said she is keeping the necklace and is hoping to find the owner, the television station reported. Anyone with information is asked to email KNXV at

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