Arrested: Police nab Elves on the Shelves

Apparently, the elves that sit on shelves across the U.S. are getting a little naughty this season.

Police working at two different departments are having a little fun this holiday season.

On Dec. 10, Marty the Elf was busted for impersonating a Morton County sheriff's deputy, KXNET reported.

Marty was booked on a “felony” and was given a 5,000 candy cane bond.

But Marty wasn’t the only “bad elf” this year.

Police in Guthrie, Oklahoma, also had a mini troublemaker in their midst this week.

They nabbed Eddie Elf Tuesday. Police said Eddie drank a little too much egg nog and he started blasting “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” at a nursing home.

Eddie's bond was set at only 300 candy canes and was placed on the naughty list for at least a year to atone for his "crimes," police said on Facebook.

While in Pasco County, Florida, two elves found thems-elves on the right side of the law and are hitting the beat with the sheriff’s office.

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