Bam Margera hospitalized after checking back into rehab

Skateboarder and "Jackass" star Bam Margera has been hospitalized days after checking back into rehab.

E! News reported that a post on Margera's Instagram page revealed he was getting treatment for excess fluid in his body tissue, a condition called edema.

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"Adema sucks but i will be fine and out in a few hours, either reaction to new medicine or detoxing from i guess a bit of alchohol from two weeks ago when i had the pleasure to go to jail," read the post, which included a photo of Margera in a hospital bed.

The post has since been deleted.

Three days earlier, it was announced on Instagram that Margera was entering a two-week treatment program.

"Bam will be unavailable until 9/6/19 from his phone," the post read. "So anyone texting, calling or trying to reach him, he is in rehab getting treatment."

E! News reported this is the third time this month he has entered treatment. Two weeks ago, TMZ reported Margera was arrested for trespassing, and was later released from jail.

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