Big bank mistake: Woman’s account has $37M deposited in account in error

A Dallas woman was in for quite a surprise when she checked her bank balance.

Ruth Balloon found that she had too much money in her account, KTVT reported.

And it wasn't a few hundred bucks, instead, it was $37,203,337, according to KTVT.

Balloon told her husband, who then called the bank.

The bank said it was a clerical error, apologized then reset the account to the correct amount, but not before Balloon took a screenshot of her balance so she can show everyone she was a millionaire for a short time, KTVT reported.

Balloon also had time to dream up how she would have spent the windfall if it was really hers.

She told KTVT some would have gone to charity, some to church and the rest would have been invested in real estate.

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