Bright orange, exotic-looking bird treated by vets who realize it’s a seagull covered in curry

Veterinarians at a wildlife clinic in the United Kingdom were prepared to help some kind of exotic ailing bird described by rescuers Monday as an “orange bird” in need of help.

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It turns out it was not an exotic bird after all, but a herring gull covered in spice.

“He had somehow gotten himself covered in curry or turmeric! It was all over his feathers, preventing him from flying properly,” the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital said in a social media post.

Staffers gave the beleaguered bird a bath and managed to clean most of the spice off him.

“We have no idea how he got into this predicament but thankfully, apart from the vibrant color and pungent smell, he was healthy,” the hospital said.

The bird was named Vinny after Vindaloo curry and is recovering well.

“He is now looking much better and should be able to go for release very soon!”

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