SUV crashes through security near Mar-a-Lago, president’s property was not intended destination, police say

Police responded to an incident at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida home of President Donald Trump, Friday.

WSVN is reporting that an SUV tried to breach security near Trump's property. The people in the SUV are in custody.

Florida Highway Patrol was pursuing the black SUV through Palm Beach before the vehicle breached security checkpoints established outside of the property's main entrance, ABC News reported.

Officials said the woman driving the SUV, identified as Hannah Roemhild, did not try to brake or slow down before crashing through the checkpoints that are located blocks outside of the resort, The Associated Press reported.

Officials said the checkpoints are manned by local law enforcement and Secret Service personnel.

Police fired at the vehicle, which then sped away. The SUV was located and the driver is in custody, according to ABC News.

No one was injured when police opened fire, police said during a press conference, Friday afternoon.

A second woman was in the SUV after a brief chase, but she is not in custody, police said during the press conference.

The president and first lady are not at their South Florida home, but they were supposed to travel there Friday afternoon, leaving the White House at 4 p.m. EST, CNN reported.

Officials do not believe Mar-a-Lago was the woman's intended destination, they said during the press conference.

The investigation continues into if the woman had a motive. More information will be released after search warrants are executed on both the SUV and a hotel where she had been staying.

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