Cluckers vs chirpers: Elementary school deputizes chickens to eat cricket swarm

It looks like an invasion of apocalyptic proportions, but one elementary school in Texas has come up with a unique way to combat an invasion of crickets by using the food chain.

Seven hens, which were incubated and hatched by last year's kindergarten students, are getting to eat their fill of the insect invaders, KSAT reported.

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Not only are the bugs a protein-filled treat for the chickens, but the birds also get some extra exercise and it helps the school avoid using pesticides where children play, KSAT reported.

The cricket invasion isn't unexpected since they usually appear in late summer or fall, KVUE reported. But it's the sheer number that may have people wondering why are there so many.

Insect experts say the swarms of this size happen every year and the rainy spring meant a lot of food allowed the crickets to survive and thrive.

Also, a recent cold front in the region may have brought the crickets out, which are attracted by the bright lights at night that light up homes and businesses, KVUE reported.

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