‘COVID-19 isn’t a joke’: SC 7-month-old tests positive for coronavirus

In South Carolina, nearly 200 people have tested positive for the coronavirus including a 7-month-old.

Emmett Doster tested positive Tuesday. His mother, Courtney Doster, said Emmett woke up after a nap and had a 104-degree fever.

Emmett's grandmother had already tested positive, so Doster took him to an urgent care center in Kershaw County to get tested.

Now, the whole family is quarantined, and Emmett is trying to fight off pneumonia.

“We’re just buddies at home now, and we’re hoping and praying that he doesn’t take a turn for the worse,” Doster said.

After Emmett’s diagnosis, Doster posted on Facebook urging people to stay home and avoid getting close to other people.

As of Sunday morning, the post has more than 43,000 shares.